Where To Find The Best Used Cars

written on Wed 08 March 2017 by

After making decisions about how to finance your car, you’ll be wondering where to go and buy one. If you decide to go for a new car, there are plenty of show rooms around that can help you out with this. If you’ve decided to go ahead and buy a used car, there are a number of ways you can go about this and some of these ways are riskier than others. There are pros and cons for each way to go about it so in this guide, we are going to talk you through the places you could buy your second hand car as well as the good and bad for each.

Whether a franchise or an independent, dealers can facilitate your purchase of buying a used car. Your consumer rights with a dealer are protected and stronger than if you choose to buy through a private arrangement. A car bought from somewhere like crownhonda.co.uk is also more likely to have a warranty still on the vehicle and you would be more than likely able to part-exchange your existing car. Car finance options tend to be more readily available for a car bought from a dealer and this opens up more options for you as a buyer.

Cars with dealers tend to have had inspections and be ready and expecting to negotiate with you on a car deal. This translates to certain times of the year when you can get a much better deal on a used car than others. The issues though, tend to be that dealers’ prices tend to be higher than if buying a car privately. Yes, you pay for a little more security, but it can make buying a car that little bit out of reach. Understanding how to negotiate the best deal with a dealer can be difficult and so you should always take someone with you to help you broker the best deal if you’re not confident. Warranties with dealers, while handy to have, can include restrictive clauses and so you need to ensure you read the fine print before you sign on the dotted line.

Other options for car purchase include a private seller but the biggest obstacle here is that cars bought privately are often ‘sold as seen’ and so if there are any problems, you have less of a legal comeback. The good thing is that you are far more likely to pay less than if you bought the same car from a dealer and if the seller is desperate for a buyer you can negotiate good discounts on the basis you can take the car away there and then. You also get the added advantage of meeting the previous owner and you can know a little more about the car history.

Whichever way you go when it comes to buying a used car, you have to be smart about the choices you make and ask all the right questions.