The Pros and Cons of Wheel Spacers

written on Mon 07 March 2016 by

Like all other materials, wheel spacers can also come with several pros and some cons. But first, before you do the installation, try to ask yourself first if it is really necessary to have wheel spacers for your vehicle. If you find it a necessity, then you should learn about the pros and cons for you to have an idea of what to expect when having wheel spacers already installed.


Better handling and grip – The width of the wheel track would really create a better effect towards the handling and grip. The wider the wheel track, the better for you to achieve an improved and more stable car running most especially if you intend to push your car’s performance to the limit. The installation of wheel spacer is a bit cheaper than by purchasing wider rim alone. In fact, in wheel spacing, you would definitely enjoy the cost effective rim widening at a cheaper rate.

Enhances the look of your car – What most of us would want is to have an ever charismatic car. With wheel spacers, you would absolutely achieve your goal of a well enhanced look of your car. You can always appreciate the difference once you compare the old and new image of your vehicle after the said installation. A more aggressive and fierce looking car will be all yours.

Properly adjusted offset – Not all width and height of your vehicle will fit in to your taste. Most of the time, it comes with a higher height wherein the wheels will fit in more inwardly. That is why a significant majority of car owners would love to have their cars undergo wheel spacing for them to enjoy a better fit, right estimates of the distance and preferred restoration of your vehicle will be all yours.

Better car performance – if you are going to have a quick wrap up of the advantages, you will then realize that by having better grip and handling and properly adjusted offset will bring your car to the maximum level that you wanted it to be in. A smooth sailing drive that will give your car better and well enhanced looks is surely a good feedback and experience that you would want to have.


Increased scrub radius and inner fenderwell clearance– The logic of increasing your vehicle’s track width would also increase your scrub radius. Along with this, is also the increase of the inner fenderwell clearance. If this is the case, most definitely the steering wheel will recenter faster which some would actually have difficulty is adjusting. That is why if it is your first time to have your car wheel spaced, make sure to always run the car at a minimum speed. This is to prevent accidents that might happen because of slowing down of speed would actually take more time because of the said adjustments.

Affects the wheel bearings – One of the principles of wheel spacers is widening up the wheel. If this is so, there is a possibility that the bearing life will become shorter due to the said adjustments and exposure. Furthermore, if you wish to check out several wheel spacer designs, go to